It's Just Easier!

Why Outlanders?

In 2013 when my children were grown, we decided to take the plunge and rent a small building in South Marquette.  For almost 5 years, we served the people of Marquette from that location.  Because of our size we only offered take-out in that location. My daughter and I along with the rest of our family worked diligently to make Outlanders a success. The recipes we started with (and still use today) were the recipes with which I raised my family. We are proud of everything we make and serve here!

 Here at Outlanders, we want to make your life easier.  You're busy, and we want to help! With so many obligations and responsibilities in daily life, getting the family together for a delicious, wholesome, home-cooked meal can be a constant struggle. That’s where we come in. In the time it takes to get your kiddos ready for school, we can prepare an amazing meal from scratch that’s hot and ready for you and your family to enjoy.  We believe that eating healthy food shouldn't cost a fortune!

We center our entire menu and specials around economical, good-for-you foods.  Even our alfredo sauce is made with real butter and parmsean and cream cheeses. Economically, our family meals feed 4-6 people, with the lowest cost per person at only $6.00! We are certainly proud of that fact!

While we have grown, we are still a Mother-Daughter run restaurant. We offer a variety of

options in kids, single, double, and family sizes.  We prepare everything from scratch, from our sauces and gravies to our breads.  All of our ingredients are prepared fresh and ready to assemble, so we cook your meal to-order.  From our meatloaf to our Thai Basil Bowl, it’s our passion to make delicious meals for Marquette families on the go. 

Looking for something low carb? Try our Zoodles (zucchini noodles)! We use these delicious cuts ofzucchini in place of pasta in any our our pasta dishes. And they're gluten free!

Speaking of Gluten Free...

At Outlanders, all of our sauces are made without any gluten-containing ingredients and rice or zoodles can be used instead of noodles in any of our pasta dishes (excluding the 3 cheese and spinach shells).   Cut from fresh zucchini, our zoodles can also take the place of noodles in any of our dishes for a slight up-charge.  We also offer soups that are generally made without gluten-containing ingredients (our tortilla chip soup is always okay!) and salads that can be made without croutons. 

We now offer Udies Gluten Free Buns for sandwiches and Udies Gluten Free Tortillas (yes, you read that right!). We will always do our best to ensure cross contamination does not occur, just let us know. Because there are gluten containing ingredients in our building and on our cook line, we strongly recommend that any individuals with severe intolerances or Celiac's disease use caution when ordering food from Outlanders.

For our Vegetarian friends, our Three Cheese and Spinach Shells are vegetarian and are one of our top sellers!  The spaghetti sauce we make from scratch here is made without meat and our cream cheesy and enchilada sauces are also vegetarian.  Try our Wet Burrito with our homemade black beans too!  We often have daily and weekly specials that are meatless and it is our goal to offer a wider array of meatless options.

Catering Services
Yes we cater! Since moving to our current location, our catering business has exploded.  We have catered events for as few as eight and as many as 500! To give you an idea of what we offer, explore the catering pages on our website. No two events we have catered have ever been the same!  Items can be altered, exchanged, or removed completely from menus to fit your needs.  If you would like more information, contact us and we will be happy to assist in planning your event.

Our Humble Beginnings...

Our First Commercial

In August of 2016, we made the official move to our current location. It was quite the jump!

Our dining room seats up to 65 and our kitchen is almost three times the size it was in

South Marquette. Now, with a full commercial kitchen, we are able to offer you and your

family much more than casseroles! Our menu is an eclectic combination of classic family

favorites, cultural fusions, and ever evolving specials. There is truly something for everyone.

The idea for Outlanders was born over two decades ago, while my husband
and I raised our children. Getting them home from school, fed, and ensuring homework was done before rushing out for next event was a constant challenge. We needed someplace quick and easy that did not involve french fries but at the same time, didn't break my pocket book.  Outlanders is the solution to my own dilemma.