It's Just Easier!

Family Food in Marquette

The idea for Outlanders was born several years ago while raising our children. Getting them home from school, fed, and ensuring homework was done before rushing out for next event was a constant challenge. We needed a fast food restaurant in Marquette that did not involve french fries!

Forget your chicken in the freezer this morning?  Don't worry, we have you covered.  Outlanders is quick and easy. Choose our daily specials or anything on our menu and in less than the time it would take to thaw that chicken, we will have a wholesome, home-cooked meal hot and ready for you to enjoy, or take ready to bake and enjoy later.  Stop in, call ahead, or order food online,  From the family sized meal that serves 4-6 to the small serving for one, we are able to provide nutritious, home-cooked meals for a gathering of any size. Takeout or dine-in in Marquette, it's just easier at Outlanders.