It's Just Easier!


Hi everyone.  Anne here.  As you know, at our core we are about serving Marquette families.

 And, serving in our minds isn’t limited to offering food and beverages, but is also about serving our community of families on deeper, meaningful levels.

 As one such initiative (and there are more initiatives coming), we start with a simple, humble project we call “Profile in Family” that will celebrate on a monthly basis different Marquette families, their histories, contributions to community, and so on.

 We want to tell their stories that, as you will see, are really the stories of all of us here in Marquette.

 Our first Profile in Family, told humbly as we are just starting this process, is about our star employee Amanda whose family has now been here for 4 generations!!

 Enjoy!  And, let us know if her story has any meaning for you:)


 The first of us to land in Marquette were my great, great grandparents who arrived from Finland in the late 1800s (they must not have been bothered by our weather!).

 While the stories of my great, great grandparents have been largely lost, life was probably good for them…

 …so many Finns were coming to Marquette then, that they probably had good friends with whom pass time as they adopted to a new land and culture.

 …also, Marquette was booming then, with the population apparently doubling from 5,000 to 10,000 between 1880-1900; We were becoming a summer destination back then too!

 That is the Marquette my ancestors 4 generations back arrived to find.  Wow!

 Now, my great grandfather worked at Mather Mine A and Grandpa worked at Empire Mine.

 One of my early memories is Grandpa driving me around town on his motorcycle.  We toured the town, went down to the lake and visited Gramma at work.  I must have been 6 years old, and it felt so special to do this.

 Hard to ride with a 6-year old on a motorbike today…those days are gone.

 Gramma worked for many, many years at Eastwood Nursing Home over in Negaunee.  Today, she is 68 years old.  I love her to pieces, as does my daughter.

 When I asked Gram to tell me a story of her life, she says: “I went to school, I worked, I raised a family…that’s all.”

 I suppose many of us in Marquette feel that way.  That our lives in this small town are not so consequential.  But, that is not how I feel.

 I am now raising my 6-year old daughter in the same great place my family has lived for over 130 years.  We go beach glass picking at Black Rocks (though I won’t tell you my best place to pick!), and we go mushroom hunting in some secret spots too.

 My daughter loves those days.  Recently she kayaked for the first time and as soon as she started paddling, she yelled: “Mom, this the best day ever!”.

 It’s a blessing to pass in the footsteps and on the same shores as our ancestors.  I wouldn’t have it any other way, and hope my daughter carries the dreams for our family and this town another generation forward:)