It's Just Easier!

Hello All,

Our goal at Outlanders has always been to provide you, Marquette, with affordable and nutritious options to feed yourself and your families. 

This summer, we have been developing specials to highlight local produce to not only begin to offer you the freshest food possible, but also to support our fellow small business within the community. We believe that it is possible to Eat Better and Spend Less; to incorporate local produce into meals without it costing us a fortune and are thrilled to pass this savings on to you.

Michigan Food Law allows us to gather produce from our own backyard; how awesome is that? Every summer, Nichole brings us fresh produce picked from her garden - produce that is picked and sold to you sometimes just HOURS later! The flavors of garden fresh vegetables are unbeatable, and her dishes are always a hit!

Beginning in mid-September until the harvest is over, we bring to you apples picked from my own backyard in Chocolay Township. I live on an old apple orchard, and these apples are perfect for cooking and baking!

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Our Commitment to You.