It's Just Easier!

Comes with hash browns, toast, and homemade jam.
     Family (feeds 5 for $4.99 each) $24.99

French Toast Casserole

Opening at 7:00 am Thursday and Friday

                   9:00 am Saturday and Sunday

A.M. Wet Burrito

​​Ham & Cheese Omelet

Tortillas, filled with scrambled egg, hash browns, green peppers, and onion, then smothered in white queso and garnished with diced tomatoes.

     Family (feeds 5 for $5.50 each) $27.49

Delicious twist on traditional French toast using home-made French bread, eggs and milk. Served with syrup and real, tasty butter.
      Family (feeds 5 for $3.80 each) $18.99

A dozen homemade pancakes with syrup and real butter.
     Family Stack (Feeds 5 for $3.80 each) $18.99

Stack of Pancakes