It's Just Easier!

This is a short list of our most frequently asked questions. 

Where did the idea for Outlanders come from?

The idea for Outlanders was born several years ago while raising our children. Getting them home from school, fed, and ensuring homework was done before rushing out for next event was a constant challenge. We needed someplace quick and easy that did not involve french fries!

It's my first time here.  What ARE you?

Here at Outlanders, we want to make your life easier.  You're busy, and we want to help!  We are a small, family-run take-out (and now dine-in too!) restaurant that offers a variety of menu options in kids, individual, large, and family sizes, as well as daily dinner and lunch specials.  We prepare everything from scratch (sauces and cookies too!).  All of our dish ingredients are prepared and ready to assemble, so we cook each dinner to-order.  

How big are your portions?

We have been told our portions are generous.  That being said, Outlanders recommends that 2 people share a large, 3 if your appetites are small.  The individual size we now offer is between our old small and medium size and the kids portion is the size we used to call our small.  Our family size comfortably feed 4-6 people, probably closer to 6 people if you purchase sides such as salad and garlic bread to go along with your dinner.

Alright.  I know what size I want.  But what items do you have EVERYday?

The entire menu!  All day, everyday, if it's on the main menu, you can order it!  Outlanders' specials change daily, but a two-week list of those can be found here.  Sometimes, we have a special for more than one day, so always ask!  Soups are seasonal.  Generally, soups are not scheduled more than a couple days in advance.

Interesting.....what is your most popular item?

Our customers love our three cheese and spinach shells and the chicken and broccoli.  We've also been told we "make a mean Chicago Dog"!  Try our Mediterranean Wrap or a Reuben Quesadilla as well; but we love everything on the menu.

How far in advance do I need to order my dinner?  Is 2-3 hours enough time?

2-3 hours is more than enough time!  We have all of our ingredients prepared and ready to assemble, so our average wait time for take out is 15-25 minutes.  If you have a particularly large order, providing us more notice will ensure your order is ready to be picked up at the time you desire.

Do you offer catering services?

Yes!  A list of our catering menus can be foundhere, We use our catering menus as a starting point to make whatever event you are planning special.  Items can be altered, exchanged, or removed completely from menus to fit your needs.  If you would like more information, contact us and we will be happy to assist in planning your event.

Do you offer any vegetarian dishes?

Our Three Cheese and Spinach Shells are vegetarian and are one of our top sellers!  The spaghetti sauce we make from scratch here is made without meat and our cream cheesy and enchilada sauces are also vegetarian.  Try our Wet Burrito with our homemade black beans too!  The build your own option on our menu allows you to create any casserole you choose without meat.

I'm gluten intolerant. Do you have anything I can eat?

At Outlanders, all of our sauces are made without any gluten-containing ingredients and rice can be used instead of noodles in any of our pasta dishes (excluding the enchilada shells and the 3 cheese and spinach shells).  Zoodles (zucchini noodles), are a new item on the Outlanders menu.  Cut from fresh zucchini, our zoodles can also take the place of noodles in any of our dishes for a slight up-charge.  We also offer soups that are generally made without gluten-containing ingredients (our tortilla chip soup is always okay!) and salads that can be made without croutons.  We will always do our best to ensure cross contamination does not occur.  SO, while we can make "gluten free" dishes, we strongly recommend that any individuals with severe intolerances or Celiac's disease use caution when ordering food from Outlanders.

My organization is wondering about fundraising opportunities.

We love to support our Marquette and surrounding community!  Please contact us regarding your specific event so we can fit our capabilities to your needs.