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To me, Marquette means home. It is where I grew up, met my husband, raised my family, and am now enjoying life with my grandkids.

My family has roots in Marquette dating back to the early 1900s. That’s when my grandfather came here from Chicago. I’m not sure what brought him here; he died when my dad was young. My father was the youngest of 7. Dad’s siblings all joined the service and moved away. Dad join the army too, in 1939,but was medically discharged shortly after because he was allergic to everything. After that, he drove a Taxi for a while and at some point took a job at Lemon’s Studio as a photographer. He loved it, always taking our school pictures. After working there for about 10 years, Dad took over and eventually purchased the business. His ultimate dream though, was to be a pilot. My dad was a driven man, and he was able to accomplish this dream too! When he obtained his pilot license, I remember flying to visit my mom’s relatives in Minnesota during the holidays, and other places too. That was such a wonderful time.

My mom moved to Marquette when she was young. One of her aunts was living in Marquette. Mom came here to help her with her kids. My parents met not long after she arrived; the rest is history.

I grew up on Middle Island Point. We’d go swimming every year on my birthday – Memorial Day. Lake Superior was just as cold then as it is now! I don’t think I could do that anymore. 😊

When I was young, the town of Marquette ended about where Outlanders is now and was surrounded by woods. Downtown was THE place to go and hang out on a Saturday afternoon, and of course the Roller Rink was my favorite place to go. The building Outlanders currently occupies was originally Sandy’s. Sandy’s was the first fast food/hamburger restaurant in Marquette; we all loved it.

Marquette only had maybe 2 school busses back then. Everyone walked everywhere. I miss those days…

…when I was in high school, the current high school had just been built. I was a freshman in 1967, my class was the 3rd to start there. That spot used to be home to the Piqua Company, which produced wooden salad bowl sets, and other wood items. It closed its doors in 1960.

My husband and I decided to stay in the area; we love it here! When our kids were in 4th and 5th grade, we decided to open our insulation business. Before that, he traveled for work and I ran a daycare. We opened our business in 1988 and retired just over 10 years ago.

Today, we do a lot of golfing. My Dad taught the whole family to golf, and we all continue to love the game. We have 3 grandchildren and a 4th on the way! We like to spend a lot of time with the grandkids. You can find us watching their soccer games, going golfing, and attending their school activities. The kids love spending time on the lake.

What would I tell people about Outlanders? Try it! The food is delicious, the prices are good. Definitely try the cream cheesy (alfredo) sauce. You won’t regret it.


Jayne works early weekday mornings with us. Jayne’s efforts are included in just about every meal that goes out the door. When you’re here for breakfast, ask if she’s around; she’d love to say hello!


Hi everyone, Anne here. As you know, at our core we are about serving Marquette families.

We believe this goes deeper than offering food and beverages, and can be furthered by serving our community of families on deeper, meaningful levels.

We are continuing here with our simple project, “Profile in Family” with our second story. Jayne, whose grandchildren are now the 5th generation in the family to be raised in Marquette, is our stellar prep cook.

She is now enjoying retirement here in Marquette with her family and still finds time to cook with us a few days each week.

Enjoy! And let us know if her story has any meaning for you.