It's Just Easier!

You see, at Outlanders we believe that the economy of family keeps us all strong.  And, in this regard, we have an important announcement to make as we move into 2019.

We are setting the“Economy of Family” as THE lens through which we will view all of our decisions as a restaurant.  In this regard:

We are making more nutritious meals than ever in Family Portions to drive down what it costs each family member to eat a great meal.
Our goal is to approach the pricing of fast food AND the warmth and good nutrition of home cooking in everything we do.

This is a journey for us.

We will not always be perfect, but our family is aiming for it.

In the coming days and weeks, and throughout 2019, we will be keeping you informed of our progress.  We will be radically transparent in where we are stuck and where we have found ways to blend nutritious home cooking and lowered price points per family member.

That is our bench mark.

The first announcement will be coming in days.

We love Marquette.  Our kids were born here.  Family for us is everything.

For more information or to place an order, please see our humble web site at, call us at 906.362.2253, or just come on by to our simple, very human, family space at 1014 W Washington St., Marquette.

Stay Tuned!

Anne & Nichole

  My name is Anne.  I am in the photo with my daughter Nichole.

As summer visitors are long gone, for those hardy, year-round residents in Marquette,

there is one constant that binds us all.

We are here for family.

Why is this important to YOU on this winter day?

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