It's Just Easier!

#2: Today 34% of our children will eat fast food:(

This is a long post, but perhaps the most important epiphany I’ve ever had, and I feel compelled

from the heart to share the whole story with you.

It also has a meaningful pre-announcement at the end.


We make judgement calls every day in relation to our children, don’t we?

This is Anne, here at Outlanders. One of the internal conflicts I have faced many times is whether

or not to go for fast food… are clamoring for it, time is short, you are too tired to cook from scratch…is there really any

other choice…and ouch…you cave again:(

Now, when EASY took priority over WHOLESOME one too many times in my own home,

I felt a calling. Literally.

You might not know that, but this is how Outlanders was originally born.

But, life passes by and I messed some things up.

You see, we started Outlanders by offering wholesome, from scratch home-style cooking.  Nice, right?  BUT, we wrongly thought this was enough to give families a real, honest alternative to fast food.

And, sometimes it was.  But, usually it wasn’t.

Why is that?  Because fast food is sooo tempting because it is easy AND budget friendly.

It’s epiphany time…

It dawned on me over the holidays that if I and our family wanted to really show our love for family and community, we had to offer wholesome food that is AS CHEAP AS FAST FOOD.

How could that even be possible?

Well, we started running the math, and we realized that our Family Portions (that we had focused on casually, but without a lot of love) offered a…


And, this leads us to our “pre-announcement”:

On Wednesday of this week, we will formally announce the launch of our Thursday-Sunday breakfast.  BUT, not just any breakfast.

We will announce wholesome, from scratch breakfasts served in Family Portions that cost just $3.00 to $7.00 a person. 

No processing, no manufactured foods, no feeling that you have caved…

Served quickly, hot, yummy, happy, nutritious food you would cook at home.  Eat here.  Take out.  Both work.  You can call in advance and it will be waiting.

We want Marquette to be proud of Outlanders.  We are trying to show love.  We are not perfect.  Far from it.

Our formal announcement will be out on Wednesday with more specifics.

In the meantime, for more information or to place an order, visit us at, call us at 906.362.2253, or just come on by to our simple space at 1014 W Washington St in Marquette.


P.S. Here the article I cited in my post title above: your paragraph here.