Eat Better. Spend Less.

 Hey everyone, Nikki here. I have some exciting news to share: I am getting married this summer! My fiancé and I are thrilled and wedding planning is in full swing. 😉
Those that know me personally know that I moved to the Milwaukee area a few months ago to be closer to my fiancé. We talked extensively about where to live - Marquette or Milwaukee - and ultimately decided that Milwaukee made the most sense for our future together.  Anne and I decided at that 

 time to keep both Nikki's and Outlanders running as usual while she and I discussed what we wanted the future to look like.
At long last, we have made our decision: Nikki's and Outlanders will be permanently closing.
Our last day is today, Thursday, March 24th.
We are going to miss all of our customers, and want to thank Marquette for all of your support these nearly 10 years.
What are we looking forward to?
Anne is excited to be able to spend more time with her grandkids, and enjoy more time with her husband, Greg, who has been an outstanding behind the scenes partner and our biggest supporter these past 10 years. Seriously, we could not have done this without him.
As for myself, I am looking forward to starting a life with my wonderful soon-to-be husband. I am loving my opportunity to explore Wisconsin and we plan to make many trips to the UP. We're planning a trip to Grand Island this summer and I can't wait! I couldn't stay away from the food industry and have found myself a job doing what I love right here in Milwaukee.
Even though the ending of this chapter in our lives is bittersweet, we are eagerly beginning the next. We hope that you have enjoyed Nikki's and Outlanders as much as we have! We hope to see you today, March 24th, our last day open.
We feel blessed to have had the opportunity to be a part of the Marquette community in such a special way.
Love, Nikki and Anne

Catering as Unique as You.

Our Philosophy.
We believe every event is unique and refuse to make these unique events fit into a "one size fits all" catering style. From start to finish, your catering experience with us will be tailored to fit your unique needs.
After speaking with you about your dream menu, we put together a menu based on your wants and the needs of your event. No two menus are ever the same!
On a budget? Don't worry! We have an option for everyone.

Nikki's Snack Dispatch

"Essential Independent Restaurant"

We are honored to have been awarded the Essential Independent Restaurant in Marquette, MI.

I Love Restaurants is a organization dedicated to helping the restaurants and restaurant workers in America replace the income they have lost due to COVID-19. 

Our Mission
Outlanders opened in the hopes of offering yooper parents something I, Anne, always wished I had more of: time.  

I had three kids, in 3 different sports, and at least 10 different after-school activities. 

Grocery stores are great, but I dreamed of a place I could take my kids, feed them, know they were eating healthy food AND  I was not spend my weekly budget all in one place

I never found such a place, so I created one: Outlanders. In true yooper fashion, we opened in the middle of a snow storm in February of 2013. 

Seven years later, in the middle of the 2020 COVID pandemic, we dug deep and found that SISU yoopers are made of.  We pivoted our business in order to best serve our community, deciding to charge full steam ahead with our ghost kitchen, Nikki's Snack Dispatch, and focusing our Outlanders efforts on catering and office lunches. We LOVE our business and our Marquette community and are thrilled to have the privilege to continue to serve our community after all these years.

No matter what life throws at us, one thing will always be true: with us, you will always Eat Better & Spend Less.

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